About Us

Carlyle Van Lines, Inc. is committed to moving household goods and similar commodities while specializing in military moving. Carlyle has also recently expanded to enable more freight shipping. A multi-million dollar worldwide operation, Carlyle is the “flagship” of a group that encompasses Department of Transportation approved motor carriers.

Carlyle’s headquarters is located in Warrensburg, Missouri. This mid-west location functions as a central hub coordinating agents, drivers and customers across the country and around the world.

The Carlyle Story
In 1958, with very little resources, Bill Carlyle founded Safeway Moving and Storage, the predecessor to Carlyle Van Lines. He built the company with one employee, a single truck, zero capital, an entrepreneur’s dream, and a willingness to work hard to meet the needs of his relocating customers. As an Air Force veteran himself, Bill was especially aware of the needs of transferred military personnel. Bill soon moved the company to Warrensburg, MO (about 60 miles southeast of its former Kansas City location) and for the next 20 years enjoyed steady growth. In 1981, two major events took place that would shape the company’s future. First receiving authority from the Interstate Commerce Commission to operate on a nationwide basis. Second, Bill renamed the company Carlyle Van Lines. Since that time, the company has broadened its scope and become active across the United States, and the international marketplace.

The Carlyle Family Participates
A major factor in the success of Carlyle Van Lines is the active participation of the Carlyle family within the company. All five of Bill and Barbara Carlyle’s children (Bill Jr., Roy, Larry, Nancy and Susan) are active in the management of the corporation. Roy serves as president; Bill Jr. is executive vice president, overseeing fleet operations; Larry is the vice president of accounting and international operations; Nancy is the director of revenue distribution; Susan serves as the Safety director; Bill Sr. is available for consultation as Chairman of the Board. Although Bill Sr. is no longer active in the day-to-day operations, his business philosophy is still evident throughout. His formula for success simply stated, “work at something you like and surround yourself with quality people”, is still followed at Carlyle Van Lines.

Experienced Employees
The atmosphere at Carlyle instills into each company employee an attitude of teamwork. Employees perform in a spirit of cooperation with customers and co-workers, knowing that teamwork is the true key to success. Each departmen is headed by a key employee, averaging over 20 years’ experience in the moving industry.

The Agency Family
To better assist clients, Carlyle Van Lines, Inc. has established a strong working relationship with hundreds of moving agencies worldwide. This growing team of agents, combined with Carlyle’s full complement of household goods moving services, ensures that the families and organizations being served receive on-time, top priority service.

Military Move Specialists
Located near Whiteman Air Force Base, Carlyle knows the military and is recognized as a specialist in military moving. Since their inception, they have handled the intricate details of moving military personnel with precision. Quality service is a requirement in the Department of Defense relocation program.

Already serving customers across the continental United States and Alaska, Carlyle Van Lines continues to expand its fleet and agency network to include more capacity and better service to our military, civilian, commercial and freight customers. Aware of our customer’s needs in an ever-expanding global marketplace, Carlyle is also meeting the service needs of overseas relocations.

Family Commitment
The entire organization is dedicated to the relocation of the families it serves. Extra commitment to providing quality service is evident in the Agency Family, the Employee Family and the Carlyle Family.