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Military Move Process

By the time you have visited our Web site, you know we’re your moving company. What you may not know is about our dedication to making your moving experience a pleasant one. We will work with you in choosing packing, pick-up, and delivery times that fit with your busy schedule.

Once we arrive to pack your household goods, you will see that our contracted packing staff is professional, efficient, and knowledgeable about DOD packing regulations. After pick-up the following day, we will ensure consistent communication so you can be sure your goods are arriving safely and in a timely manner. 

Below we list items to think about and remember when moving with us.


Depending on the size and destination location of your shipment, we may pack and pick-up your items on separate days.

Make sure to work out a good packing/pick-up day with your on-base Transportation Management Officer.


Once we arrive at your destination location we will try to reach you. We will then begin the process of approval to store your goods.

After your goods are placed in storage you will coordinate with that company to schedule delivery of your items.


All members should be sure to go through their items within 75 days to ensure your goods arrived safely. This also allows you to make a full claim to Carlyle in the timeframe the government has set. 

After your move, we will request that you fill out a Customer Satisfaction Survey that will determine your experience with us.